Frequently asked questions.

It’s a place for artists to come together to showcase their work, connect with others and sell pieces to buyers from around the world. And it’s also much more than that.

01/01 is dedicated to unearthing and championing artists of all stripes. Which means telling their stories and those of their community through video and written content, coordinating exhibitions and events and generally promoting and celebrating the creative spirit wherever it lives.

Whether making art occupies most of your time or happens in what little time you have, 01/01 is for you. We believe great art is just around the corner and so our mission, if you like, is to seek out and promote artists wherever they are and whatever stage they’re at. And if you’re an art lover, then you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re an artist, it’s as simple as signing up, creating your profile, choosing your subscription model and uploading your work. We have a much more detailed description here, but that’s about the size of it. For buyers, simply sign up and start browsing.

That’s right. Whatever you charge for your artwork is yours to keep. Unlike other sites we use a subscription model, charging affordable monthly fees, the bulk of which currently goes back into site development, the creation of content and other initiatives.

First of all, it’s great that you’re selling more pieces – the reason artists usually switch to a Premium subscription. To switch to Premium (or vice versa) simply click on ‘Change Subscription’ in the Account section of your store. Your new subscription period will start on the date your current subscription charges are taken from your account.

We don’t. That’s something we leave to artists to arrange with buyers, similar to sites like ebay and Etsy. We do however, provide plenty of tips and info on preparing and shipping artwork to make the process as straightforward as possible. Click here [REQUIRES LINK] to read more about it.

“One of one” is how you say it. We’re named for the edition marks that artists put in the corner of their prints. For us, 01/01 conveys the uniqueness of the artists and artwork you’ll find on this site.

Absolutely. As mentioned above, 01/01 is about the promotion of artists and their unique, original work. So if you’re wondering…

The answer to that would be ‘no’.

We check and verify all accounts and artworks uploaded to the site. As the 01/01 community grows we’ll be implementing automated verification processes.

Shipping is handled by artists and functions much as it does on a site like ebay. Artists set the shipping prices and are responsible for packing and dispatching the work. How long your purchase takes to arrive depends on the shipping method you’ve chosen. You can read more about the buying and shipping process in detail here [REQUIRES LINK].

We understand. In other words: What is your returns policy? This is very much up to the artist. If they don’t already communicate this on their profile, feel free to send them a message. The 01/01 community is all about making connections between artists and buyers. Another way to avoid disappointment is to see as many images of the artwork as possible before you buy. If an artist doesn’t already have multiple pics of the artwork, ask them to provide more to ensure the piece you love online becomes the piece you love at home.

If you experience any untoward behaviour, language or activity on the site don’t hesitate to send an email to Please provide us with as much detail of the incident as you can including, if possible, screen shots. We take a zero tolerance approach to any kind of activity that mars the community experience on 01/01. You can read more about our policy on this here.

If you have a question that hasn’t been covered above, don’t hesitate to send it to

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